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a kiss for a country gentleman [14 Oct 2004|07:17pm]

o1. your name:
o2. your age:
o3. flatter me.
o4. what makes you irreplacable?
o5. what insect are you and why?
o6. paint me a story:
o7. tell me about your ideal shoes:
o8. msn?
o9. aim?
1o. &you will read what I write?
9 namedtheambigeuse

[26 Jul 2004|02:06pm]
Ah, here I am, again. And so, my name shall be Dear,
an out-and-out mother goose and your very own mona lisa.
I was born…perfectly pink, having rearranged furniture
within the womb,
so to speak,
and was therefore ultimately unwilling to leave it.
I had no bruises.

So much, then, for the introduction.
I quite agree it is superfluous, but since
it has already been written, let it stand.
5 namedtheambigeuse

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